London Handyman Pro (London HPro Limited)

London Handyman Pro Services is your one-call solution for a wide range of home maintenance and repair needs for your home, house or villa! One call can solve all your problems! Our uniformed technicians are fully insured professionals in the UK. We arrive on time in uniform and a marked van with the tools to complete the job as soon as we can. Handyman Pro Services technicians are highly skilled craftsmen. We’re home repair and house improvement specialist , and we are known for the quality of our workmanship and professional reliability so you know the job will be done correctly and efficiently..
We operate in any London zone and in the weekends too, just call us now to book our team!

About Our Company

Our Handymen Director

Gabriele Garry

Gabriele Garry

Gabriele Garri is an expert handyman, qualified electrician ready to fix any problem in your house. With many years of experience and a great customer service he will solve all your home or office problems. Gabriele always put the customers first so you can be sure that you will have a top notch service with...