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If you are looking for a professional plumbing service London Handyman Pro is what you are looking for,
Our qualified staff will offer you a FREE QUOTE, will come and fix the problem in no time.
To the 90% of our client we offer the same day service to quickly solve the problem and give you peace of mind. We know how urgent are the plumbing problem this is why we will give you maximum care.
The London Handyman Team there is nothing we can’t do for you in this matter, please check below all our plumbing services:
  • Repairs to toilets, including flush mechanisms, cisterns and overflows
  • Repairs to taps, including changing washers or cartridges
  • Repairs to radiators, including bleeding and balancing, or overhauling valves
  • Repairs to traps, wastes and plugs
  • Repairs to leaking pipe work
  • Repairs to plumbing connections and joints
  • Unblock toilets
  • Unblock urinals
  • Unblock baths
  • Unblock kitchen sinks
  • Unblock showers
  • Unblock internal waste pipes
  • Rod drains and gullies
  • Replaces taps
  • Replaces showers
  • Replaces cartridges
  • Replaces sinks
  • Replaces basins
  • Replaces toilets
  • Replaces baths
  • Replaces radiators
  • Replaces washing machines
  • Replaces dishwashers
  • Installs taps and valves
  • Installs sinks and basins
  • Installs baths, showers and shower screens
  • Installs toilets and bidets
  • Installs macerator and waste disposal units
  • Installs valves and joints
  • Installs pipes and traps
  • Installs white goods appliances
And this is not even all our complete list of services that we offer. We have helpend hundreds of clients with many different problem. Give us a call today and tell us your problem because we can fix it!