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Welcome to our Flat Refurbishment Section

We are an Apartment Renovation Contractor Specialising in Apartment Refurbishing
and Renovating, servicing the UK – We cover all London Areas.

Apartment Refurbishments will guide you through the different options and ways in making
your project within your specified budget. We make sure that every build
and project that we do is finished “On Time.”

We Listen: We take the time to find out exactly what you want, and we take into consideration
your thoughts and objectives and offer expert advice.

Complete Range of Services: We offer a complete range of services from Concept
to By-Law Emplacement through to Completion. This is one of our key features.
We offer complete transparency to ensure communication optimization.
We have the skills, experience and knowledge that ensures every Apartment project transition
is completed within the time-frame allocated & of the Highest quality that we are reputed for.

Work Ethics: There is always a conscious effort to keep costs under check via constant
transparency and ongoing communication. As a contractor,
we make sure that every job is finished on Budget and on Time.

The Perfect Job: We always give that extra mile when it comes to the services that we offer,
and our work is always what you would expect from Experts and Professionals

Services Include:

  • Apartment Cosmetic and Make Overs

  • Consultation Service

  • Apartment Renovation and Refurbishment

  • Scope of Work  formatting

  • Pre Purchase inspection service

  • Engeneering Planning & Certification

APARTMENT RENOVATIONS! That is What We Do! That is All We Do!